Pride Style Trinity Remastered Open Beta

Jun 15, 2023
Dear Trinity Players,

We happily announce that development of our Remastered Project has almost finished and we will soon proceed to the BETA Phase.
-As we pre-announced, the new season will be held in a fresh-new client that would fit even better inside our modern gameplay and also allows us to innovate even more.​

What's New:​

Classes and Features​

  • Assassin class (Human Male-Female Dark Elf)
  • Death Knight class (Human)
Both classes were added from scratch and totally reworked in order to fit our server's Balance and environment.​

Special Craft Method​

Special Craft method has been added, now you have to use this method in order to get some various items inside the game.​
Why would things be so complicated while we could just add a new shop?
Special Crafting has multiple usages such as:​
  • You can craft an item with 100% using some materials as you did in the past.
  • You can craft an item with a specific chance. For example:
    It consumes an X amount of materials if the crafting is successful you will receive the desired item, upon failure you will receive a Y amount of the consumed items needed on the craft panel.​


You can now use an automated system to compound your desired items into higher levels.​


You can now use an automated system to enchant your desired item at your desired enchant level.​

Einhasad's Store​

A brand new store where you can find various things with daily-weekly-monthly limits per account.​

The Collection​

As is very common nowadays in every new client, there is a collection where you can add some items and receive some stat bonuses. We adopted this system and totally reworked it, in both ways, item and stat wise to fit our economy and balance. Now you can use items that you may possess and wouldn't use in exchange for some stats.​

New Mini Games​

Added 2 new mini games: Verruti's Game and Aden Adventure. You can now get some rewards in-game by having a different kind of fun in-game.​
...and so much more to explore inside TrinityGaming world!​

Beta Phase Purpose
The purpose of the Beta Phase is to discover all newly added features and methods, check if everything is running smoothly, find out if our newly added classes are ready to join the Pride-like world, and limit test our new client's performance to ensure another great season for everyone!

Get our Launcher and Trinity Game from:
Discord Channel

Server's availability date:
10/07/2024 - 19:00 GMT+3

See you soon,
sincerely TrinityGaming Team!​
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Jun 15, 2023
TrinityGaming Beta Testing is Now Live!

We are excited to announce that TrinityGaming is now available for beta testing! You can download the necessary files from the ⁠🔱how-to-connect channel.

This server's stage is dedicated to allowing players to test our gameplay environment. If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions, please report them in the ⁠Beta Reports / Suggestions channel.

Thank you for your support and happy gaming!