Pride Style Pride Style - Features

Jun 15, 2023

Rates - XP - Levels​

  • EXP - SP Rates are dynamic and change while leveling up.
  • All players start from Level 85 while Max Level is Level 110.

Level Up Difficulty​

  • 85-90 ★☆☆☆☆
  • 90-92 ★★☆☆☆
  • 92-94 ★★★☆☆
  • 94-95 ★★★★☆
  • 95-110 ★★★★★


Requirements Such as - Level / PvP Count / Noblesse Status in order to prevent Olympiad feeding and bot abusing. Oly timers vary depending on the day to avoid Epic raids and Sieges.

Automated Event System​

Every 2 hours automated PvP Event will start, with a 15 minutes registration phase!

Events List:​

  • Team VS Team
  • Capture The Flag
  • Deathmatch
  • Domination
  • Mass Domination
  • Hunting Grounds
  • Siege Event


Daily - Mid Week - Weekly ones


Limited Time World Zones​



Leveling up your subclass will allow you to learn skills, depending on the class you choose. Reworked all of them, removed trigger skills, every certification skill gives flat Stats.

Wedding System​

You should choose your partner wisely because you will receive custom Marriage skills that benefit your gameplay with your one and only partner. Love gets stronger as the time passes, you get more affective skills as the days of your marriage increase, also after a certain amount of time you will able to trade untradeable items with your partner.

Marriage Skills​

3Love Ultimate Defense Lv. 1
4Love and Rage Lv. 1
5Nuptial Rush Lv. 1
6Honeymoon Lv. 1
7Rekindle Lv. 1
21Couple can now share untradeable items.
23Love Ultimate Defense Lv. 2
24Love and Rage Lv. 2
25Nuptial Rush Lv. 2
26Honeymoon Lv. 2
27Rekindle Lv. 2

PvP Skills​

PVPsIconSkill NameDescription
Skill Icon
PvP Skill - Life SonataFor 20 seconds increases party members HP/MP regeneration.
Skill Icon
PvP Skill - PurifyInstantly removes party's Paralyze/Sleep/Sleep/Stun effects.
Skill Icon
Buff - Blessed BodyRecovers 20% of max HP. For 600 seconds: Max HP +20%.
Skill Icon
PvP Skill - Blessed SoulRecovers target's MP on a 15% rate.
Skill Icon
PvP Buff - AcumenFor 240 seconds: Casting Speed +4%. Magic Reuse -3%.
Skill Icon
PvP Buff - HasteFor 240 seconds: Attack Speed +4%. Physical reuse -3%
Skill Icon
PvP Buff - Wild MagicsFor 30 seconds increases: Magic Critical rate by 30%. Target loss resist by 100%.
Skill Icon
PvP Buff - FocusFor 240 seconds: Attack Speed +4%. Physical reuse -3%
Skill Icon
PvP Debuff - Increase WeightIncreases target's weight 10 seconds. Decreases: Run Speed by 40%. Evasion by 10%. Physical/Magic Skill evasion by 50%.
Skill Icon
PvP Buff - EmpowerFor 240 seconds: M.Attack +20%.
Skill Icon
PvP Buff - MightFor 240 seconds: P.Attack +12%.
Skill Icon
PvP Skill - MedusaPetrifies a target for 12 seconds.
Skill Icon
PvP Buff - Berserker SpiritFor 30 seconds increases: P.Attack +12%. M.Attack +15%. Attack Speed +6%. Casting Speed +6%. Run Speed +8. Decreases: P.Def/M.Def by 7%.
Skill Icon
PvP Skill - ResurrectionResurrects a dead target.
Skill Icon
PvP Buff - Wind WalkFor 30 seconds increases: Running Speed by 15.
Skill Icon
PvP Skill - BlinkInstantly blinks away from danger.
Skill Icon
PvP Skill - RushInstantly rushes to your target.
Skill Icon
PvP Buff - Chant of VictoryFor 30 seconds increases all stats.

Ability Skills​

Abilities are extra skills obtained by level points (2 points per character's level after Lv. 85)
You can have 2 presets per class.


Farm Currency​

SilverLow Rarity Material used to buy consumables, dropped in our Farm Zones.
Blue EvaLow Rarity Material used to buy consumables, dropped in our Farm Zones.
Rusty MedalMedium Rarity Material used to buy/upgrade gear, dropped in our Farm Zones.
Festival AdenaMedium Rarity Material, dropped from specific mobs in our Farm Zones.
GoldHigh Rarity Material, dropped from specific mobs in our Farm Zones.
Nucleous of a Freed SoulMaterial that can be obtained only in Chaotic Farmzones.
Elemental StonesRare Drops from specific and high level mobs in our Farm Zones.
Elemental CrystalsRare Drops from specific and high level mobs in our Farm Zones.
Blessed ScrollsRare Drops from specific and high level mobs in our Farm Zones.
Legacy RunesExtremely Rare Drops from Monsters and Raid - Bosses, used to upgrade Gear to Legacy Stage.
Supreme ShardsExtremely Rare Drops from Monsters and Raid - Bosses, used to upgrade Gear to Supreme Stage.

PvP Currency​

Event TokenObtained through Automated event participation - On Lose / Tie.
Rare Event TokenObtained through Automated event participation - On Win.
FameCan be used in Fame Shop to buy useful Misc and Consumables.
PvP TokenWill be needed for specific items, obtained through PvPing everywhere in our L2 World
Increased Rates in our PvP Zones.
Rare PvP TokenWill be needed for specific items, obtained through PvPing everywhere in our L2 World
Increased Rates in our PvP Zones, chances are lower than the normal one.

Ensoul Items​

Weapon & Armor improvement, adds up to 3 special effects by choosing between options, retaining its previous additional status, like augmentation, attribute level etc.



Item improvement, adds specific bonuses on your item, retaining its previous additional status, like augmentation, attribute level etc and alter the item's Appearance


Additional status specified depending on targeted item (weapon, belt, jewelry).
* Unique Augmentation system.

Clan DKP System​

DKP System Dragon Kill Points: Used originally in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game EverQuest, dragon kill points are points that are awarded to players for defeating bosses and redeemed for items that those bosses would "drop".
At the time, most of the bosses faced by the players were dragons, hence the name. DKP are a semi-formal score-keeping system (loot system) used by guilds(Clans) in massively multiplayer online games.
Players in these games are faced with large scale challenges, or raids, which may only be surmounted through the concerted effort of dozens of players at a time.
Many players may be involved in defeating a boss, the boss will reward the group with only a small number of items desired by the players.
Players are being awarded at a specified rate while participating in Boss Fights, depending on their class, time of participation, total impact on raid kill.
DKP will be used as a virtual currency in modified auctions set by each Clan.

Usage Examples:​

  1. Clan X kills Valakas and obtains Valakas Fiery, Clan Leader can auction the item inside the DKP shop, he will set a price for X DKP, clan members will be able to "buy" the specific item when they collect the amount of needed points, paying with their participation and impact in the "Clan Events" (Raid Boss kills).
  2. Clan X decides to sell a specific item outside their members for an X amount of in game currency, Valakas Fiery was sold for 500 Event- Glittering Medals, Now Clan leader can auction those 500 Medals and members will "buy" them with their attendance to the clan events, instead of splitting them. A player who collected a big amount of DKP can buy many of them also a player who didn't collect that many points will also be able to buy some of them, surely less than the previous one. In conclusion DKP system was invented to provide a fair way to split-reward the most active/efficient players inside large groups.
  3. DKP system also allows you to trade points to another player, that means that you can gift your participation and impact to someone else, for example, when there is an item that a friend of mine would need, I can pass him my points in order to help him get it. CPs used to collect all their DKP to 1 person in order to get the items they need and split them inside their inner circle later on.

Star & Dynamic Star System:​

Star Count inside the DKP system is a way to separate how many DKP will each member of the clan will be awarded by participating in the clan event. Why would we need that? The main reason is that not every class (ex Healers/Tanks) has the same significancy for the clan to successfully get the raid kill. Also optionally stars can be used as Item Score, specific items and their progress will be affecting the total Star Count of each member, this way leaders can monitor their members' progression, for example having a jewel +12 will add 1 count on your total stars, increasing its enchantment to +13, will increase your total star count by 2.


Clan Specialties​

Clan abilities obtained through clan development points ( obtainable through Raids & war kills )


Hunting Pass​

Increase your Hunting pass bonuses by killing monsters.

Also get rewards based on your hunting pass level.



Complete item collections and gain stat bonuses.



Complete missions in order to get rewarded with Mission Points | Fame | Veruti's Crystals
  • Mission Points: Spendable in Mission Store.
  • Fame: Spendable in Fame Shop.
  • Veruti's Crystals: Required in order to play our Lucky Game.

Mission Store​


Verruti's Game​

Teleport UI​

Revamped the Teleport UI. Its data is coming from server, that means that we can add - remove zones live during gameplay. That's suitable during Special Events.
You can also add favorite teleports or use the search function.


AutoFarm UI​

Implemented some of our AutoFarm's Functions on the mini autofarm UI for ease of access.
Of course there's still the full menu.


Rest UI Quality of Life Enhancements​

  • Exp Bar - Currency Count
  • Exp Bar - Exp Boost per source
  • Inventory - Ensoul / Augment buttons
  • EXP Bonus & Hunting Bonus